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Every young adult is worthy of the freedom to define their own success by exploring a multitude of opportunities. Our team is a passionate community of successful women on a mission to help young women discover every opportunity possible as they embark on their post high school journeys. We provide young women (ages 14-22) with the mentorship, education, and resources they need to build financial security and confidence. At our core, we support young people to overcome economic hardships and thrive in their transition to adulthood.

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The 2021 “Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California” concludes 13% of women and girls live in poverty. The pandemic effect for girls in K-12 reveals the economic and socio-emotional needs for youth due to financial disparities in Los Angeles county and lack of mental health services. The negative effects for women experiencing poverty conditions and financial resources are immeasurable, and serve as a deterrent for women to fully experience a state of holistic peace with the fear, anxiety, and worry that follows when access to safety and security appears unattainable. Women are more likely to fall victim to forms of violence, and Black women have the highest rates in domestic violence and may have more difficulty in escaping poverty. Though there is considerable upward mobility in the United States, escaping poverty and violence is difficult in Los Angeles county, and economic disadvantages and lack of opportunities mean that mobility out of poverty for women of color is far more difficult.

The exempt purpose of Simply Youth Institute is to serve young women through educational activities with purpose to:

  1. to equip every woman with free access to personal financial literacy.
  2. to promote holistic peace in every woman through emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual wellness education.
  3. to create equitable opportunities for every woman to have access to nontraditional career opportunities with mentorship guidance across Los Angeles county.

Simply Youth Institute’s exempt purpose serves as re-entry support for women. Additionally, providing above mentioned resources to local educational agencies whose served demographics are in the poverty threshold. We provide direct educational services to women in vulnerable spaces to promote wellness and peace.

Everyone deserves to have a financially healthy life and live in a state of holistic peace.


Simply Youth Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization. Please click here for more information.