Our Why

Los Angeles County is home to the nation’s second largest public school system that can neither meet young women’s needs for a trusted mentor nor provide critical support services. SYI provides supportive relationships for young people by connecting them to opportunities that lead to successful outcomes.

The exempt purpose of Simply Youth Institute is to connect young people to careers, confidence, and finanical freedom through education, and mentorship. We promise to replenish the barren outlook for young people through: 

1. Higher-educational attainment

2. Thriving healthy relationships between colleagues and peer groups.

3.  Long-term social and emotional well-being.

4. Pathways to competitive and high paying careers.

5. Sustained financial capability.


Simply Youth Institute’s exempt purpose and work is urgent and demands consistently challenging ourselves to deliver high-impact services. We commit ourselves to create innovative approaches and rigourously evaluate our work in the community. 

Every young person deserves to have a financially healthy life and live in a state of peace.

Simply Youth Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization.